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How to shape a cowboy hat
There's a better way to shape your Gone Country Hat.
Shapeable hats are easy to change to suit your taste or stature. All Gone Country hats have wire in the brim for easy shaping. Cowboy hats will traditionally have a flatter, wider brim and fashion hats will have a smaller brim and a tighter curl.  But keep in mind that hats should be in proportion to the shape and size of your face and the width of your shoulders.

If the hat is not new you may need to first straighten out any kinks in the wire.  If the hat is badly misshapen flatten it out entirely.

Hold the hat in front of you with the front facing out.  Put your hands on the wired edge of the brim.

Roll your hands gently inward until the desired curve is achieved.  Be very gentle and work the wire, not the straw or fabric, to avoid cracking the material or the paint.

Turn the hat to bend the front and back to the desired dip.

How to shape a boys cowboy hat
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Shapeable cowboy hat