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IF YOUR COWBOY HAT IS TOO LARGE, here's our best-kept secret for making it fit more snugly: You can make almost any hat fit tighter with sizing tape.

(shhh...don't tell anyone that sizing tape is weather stripping.   You can buy it at Home Depot or Lowes. The 3/4 inch width works best.)

Start by cutting a piece of weather stripping about 2 inches long.  Stick it to the hat under the sweat band with the sticky side to the hat and the paper tape facing the sweat band.  Keep adding small pieces of tape until the hat feels tight enough.  Once you like the fit, remove the paper strip and press down, sticking the sizing tape to the hat and the sweat band.  

It's comfortable and invisible.

If the hat fits snugly and doesn't move around on your head,  it fits right.  If it is a little too tight, pull a piece of sizing tape back out.

OR IF THE HAT IS TOO TIGHT TO START OUT, you can slit the seam of the sweat band, which will relax the fit and give you about an extra inch or one size.

size a cowboy hat
size a cowboy hat
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How to size a western hat
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