Change The Shape of Your Cowboy Hat

Hopefully your hat is not totally trashed, but most of our cowboy hats are designed to be re-shaped. We've even taken some pretty warped brims and straightened them out. 

Do you like the way a traditional cowboy hat looks with its wide brim curled just slightly on the edge? Or do you want to rock the Tim McGraw or Toby Keith curl?


All Gone Country hats have a wire sewn into the edge of the brim, so it's easy to change the shape of most of our hats. If your hat is really out of shape, start by flattening it out. Put your hands on the wire at the edge of the brim and gently work the wire all the way around the hat so the brim flattens. Then you can lay the hat on a table and press down until it is flat. Be careful when re-shaping any painted hat such as Brad. You have to be gentle so you don't crack the paint. And the same with the straws that are lacquered, such as Whiskey Bent and Tombstone. But any softer hats and all palms can be shaped easily.

Once your have flattened the brim you'll want to curl it again. Even if you did not completely flatten your brim and just want to curl it up a bit more, the process is the same. See the picture below. Hold the hat with the front facing away from you. Put your thumbs on the top of the edge where you feel the wire and the rest of your hand underneath with the hat supported on your finger. Then curl your wrists inward. Walk your hands backward to continue curling the sides of the hat from front to back. If you want the front and back dipped down, go back to the front, position your hands the same way, but curl your wrists with some downward pressure on the front and then turn the hat around and do the same in the back. Don't try to make radical changes in one move. Do it a little at a time, take a look and then do it again if you still want more attitude. And if  you have ANY doubt about the hat you want to shape or need more instruction just pick up the phone and call. We really like talking with you. We live in Central Florida so we are in Eastern Time Zone. We try to answer 7 days a week from about 9 am-9 pm. 678-842-4287.

You can shape your hat using the wire sewn in the brim

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