Hats for people with small heads are now available!


My head is so small. I've always chosen a kid's hat. Is that my only option?

Absolutely not. Cowboy hats for kids are made to look child-like and even if they fit your head, they won't look look attractive for most adults. We have around 100 cowboy hats for women and western hats for men that fit smaller heads. You can search Small Hats. You'll surely find some you like. But remember that a hat needs to be in proportion to your face and body, so sometimes even if it fits your head, it may not be appropriate for your stature. In other words, you don't want a hat with a brim that's too wide for the shape of your face or the width of your shoulders. That's why some of our hats have 4" brims and others have 3-1/2" brims. Some also have modified crowns so that they don't feel too high. And most are shapeable to adapt even more to your face and shoulders.  But it isn't necessary to go it alone.  Please be assured, WE WANT TO HELP YOU FIND THE RIGHT HAT.  Text a photo of yourself to 407-616-4981 so we can see the size and shape of your head and width of your shoulders. We'll make a hat recommendation. (please make sure to put your name on your text). We can also size it before we ship it and/or you can make it smaller once you get it. We include sizing tape with every hat order. There are very few people who can't wear one of our Gone Country cowboy hat styles. 


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