Hey Gone Country! Do you have any Stetsons?

We hear it a lot so let's talk about it. For over 150 years Stetson has been the gold standard of cowboy hats. Fine wool and elegant fur felt have made the brand the very definition of cowboy hat. If you are a genuine cowboy, rancher, rodeo rider or anyone for whom a cowboy hat is a necessity, you want the very best and spending $200, $500 or more is appropriate.

Over time stetson has become synonymous with cowboy hat, in the way that thermos means an insulated beverage container or kleenex means a facial tissue.

Many Gone Country Hats customers see us at country music festivals or fairs or online. So when someone asks for a Stetson, we say we only carry Gone Country Hats brand. But we offer many traditional styled cowboy hats made of cotton felt, also called faux felt. You get a real cowboy look and feel at a more comfortable price. At $48 or so, you can afford to look like a cowboy without a lifetime commitment. 

Our brown felt pinch cowboy hat is similar to Longmire's

Are you a Longmire fan? Longmire's felt hat costs about $800. We have our own version of brown felt cowboy hats for $48 (not the same material but a really high quality cowboy hat nonetheless.

All our high quality cowboy hat styles carry our LIFETIME WARRANTY so party like a rock star. And if you prefer to be a more modern cowboy, we offer a whole line of country music cowboy hats that are similar to the ones worn by Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley and more. 

Need help? info@gonecountryhats.com. You can also reach us at (407) 606-5235.

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