How to Wear a Cowboy Hat?

Even if you are not a cowboy or don't live in the country, cowboy hats are finding their way onto many best-dressed lists. Cowboy hats offer functionality and style and may even give the wearer swagger. You can find them on the range, on the dance floor, and at the lake. Cowboy hats are versatile,  offering protection or bold fashion statements. So, how do you wear a cowboy hat?  It all comes down to how you plan to use it.

How to Wear a Cowboy Hat Properly

Before purchasing a cowboy hat, we suggest that you decide how you plan to use it and how much use you anticipate it will get.  If you are a veteran cowboy hat wearer or purchasing your first hat, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before purchasing.

  • Get the right fit.  Nobody wants a strong gust of wind to sweep your new hat away.  Nor do you want to spend your time fidgeting, adjusting, or moving your hat around for the best fit.  Use our chart to determine the best size.  You want your hat to fit snugly without leaving marks on your head.
  • Are you going to use the hat seasonally?  If you are wearing it in winter versus summer, you may want to opt for felt versus straw.  Choose the material that is best for your intended use.
  • Think about the price, but don't sacrifice quality.  We offer a wide selection of cowboy hats that offer quality hats that will fit into your price range.
  • Consider the style that is best for you.  You may choose a different hat style for a wedding party than you would for a cattle drive.

When to Wear a Cowboy Hat

Wearing your cowboy hat is acceptable during most outdoor activities.  If indoors, it is usually acceptable if the function is informal.  However, it is important to remove your hat as a sign of respect for many indoor activities.  We like to call it Hat Etiquette:

  • Remove your hat to show respect when going to an indoor wedding or funeral,  a formal restaurant or dinner party, or when meeting someone for the first time
  • Remove when attending church or attending a prayer service,
  • Take off your hat to show respect during the National Anthem.

How to Choose the Best Cowboy Hat

Every person who wears a cowboy hat has a unique style and function for their hat.  Your choices will be different if you are a fashionista sporting the latest fashion, a rocker creating your style, or a ranch hand wanting protection from sun and wind.  At Gone Country Hats, we offer a wide selection of quality cowboy hats to fit your budget!  Choose from styles for men, women, and even the kiddos.  We guarantee our hats, no matter which style, color, or material you choose.  And with our budget-friendly prices, you can select more than one.

How to Style a Cowboy Hat

If you are already a hat owner, it goes without saying that you already know how simple it is to style a cowboy hat.   A cowboy hat can transform any simple style into a fashion statement.  Here are a few pairings where a cowboy hat becomes the proverbial cherry on top:

  • Even if you are not herding cattle, pairing a cowboy hat with a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt changes your look and overall vibe.  It combines comfort in style to comfort in life.
  • Got boots?  It doesn't even matter if they are cowboy boots.  Boots of any style combine well with a cowboy hat.  Think biker boots, ankle boots, or boots that go over the knee.
  • The latest wedding attire has the entire wedding party in cowboy boots and hats.  Cowboy hats add that rustic elegance to any celebration. 
  • There is nothing wrong with adding a little bling to your hat, just to make it your own.  Just make sure it is removable so that when your style takes a step back, you can too.  

Fashion Tips to Avoid with a Cowboy Hat

Pairing your hat with simple jeans and flannel isn't going to work if you throw a little bling or feathers on it, huh?  The adage of keeping it simple is the best bet when styling your hat.  And if you aren't out on the range, don't start saying things like "Git along, little doggie" or tipping your hat and saying "Howdy" to all you meet.  That defeats the whole purpose of adding a hat to your ensemble.  Think of your hat not as an accessory but as a piece of your wardrobe that you can build on.  The versatility of a cowboy hat will take you through wardrobe changes and fashion trends.

Gone Country Is Your Best Place to Buy a Hat

At Gone Country, we offer a wide selection of quality hats at prices you can afford. Our fast shipping doesn't leave you waiting for weeks for your hat to arrive. And with a lifetime warranty on our hats, how can you go wrong?  Because we put our customers first, you will never be unhappy with your purchase. Check out our selection today! You can also reach us at (407) 606-5235.


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