There's more to life than a cowboy hat

Everywhere we go we see something unusual or fun.  We meet people on Facebook and all along the way who do fascinating things. There's more to life than a country music cowboy hat, right?
We spend several weeks in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin every year. It's one of our favorite areas of the country for both work and play. In the Rhinelander area we found the Hodag, which is a mysterious woodland creature that makes its home in the Northwoods . Why the Hodag is only found there is not certain. However, many people believe that it is the clean lakes, dense forests and incredible natural beauty that ties the Hodag to Rhinelander. Eyewitness accounts, along with rumor, legend and speculation, indicate that the Hodag is most definitely green. The first person to see the Hodag was Eugene Shepard, who in 1893 saw what he described as a lizard-like creature covered with white horns. More than a century of sightings and research seems to support this description.
 Blue cow in Minoqua, WI            All American cow in Minoqua, WI    MInoque cow           Pink cow in Minoqua, WI             
Another oddity in Wisconsin. (Is there a pattern here?) We're pretty sure there's a story, but we never figured it out. Just one of those things that makes life on the road fun
Somebody really loves fishing. Gone Country customers do too.                                      
 Seen at Lima Truck Tug.



NoodlingDo you know what noodling is? It's when a crazy person sticks their hand in between deep rocks in the river and pulls a catfish out by its mouth (if it doesn't take your hand off, which is a real concern). It's illegal in some states.






Tree grown around a fenceJust a thing we saw along the way.









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