How do you know if a cowboy hat is for a man or a woman?

Wow, there are so many styles and types of cowboy hats.

Do you want to look like a cowboy, rock a country music singer curl, show your patriotism with an American flag on your hat or show up here-for-the-party? You can do it and all these hat styles are mostly unisex. First you need to know if you want a functional cowboy hat or just a fashionable hat. Functional hats are weather resistant, UV protectant and durable.

Sometimes a hat works better for a woman just because it's colorful or the trim (the hatband or other design on the hat) is feminine.

Most of all, a hat needs to be in proportion to the width of your eyes and face, as well as your shoulders.

The Kenny is a good cowboy hat for girls or guys. .The Kenny is a good cowboy hat that works for men or women

When the proportion is right men and women can rock the same styles. Kenny is a perfect example of a cowboy hat for girls or guys. Notice how these hats are shaped to follow the width of their faces.

Sometimes attitude alone is enough to make a hat work for a man or woman.

These two hats are traditional styles with large brims, but you can see that with confidence they both pull it off. Notice that before the sides curl up, both hats are shaped in front to be in proportion to the width of their eyes and she has shaped her hat so that it isn't wider than her shoulders. He is wearing the Brad and she is rocking the Backroads.

Men and women can wear cowboy hats without curling them if they have the confidence



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