What's the best color cowboy hat for blondes?

The question was this:  "I am blonde and I don't know whether I should buy a tan cowboy hat, a brown one or a black one.  Which looks best on blondes?" 

We say buy all three! 

But in the interest of giving honest advice, we looked back through all the pictures we have taken of Gone Country Hats customers over the last few years and here's what we found. You want your hat color to compliment the color of your hair. Notice that the women with more yellow in their hair color chose a tan hat with a yellow tone. And those with whiter blonde hair chose hats with less yellow. The majority of blondes bought an off-white or tan hat with a hint of yellow in it. We think that adds a softness to a lady's face and so it's the most flattering, especially if your complexion is fair. It really can make you look younger. Next in popularity was a dark brown. A tan complexion looks good with a brown hat and light hair, and black was last by far. Black can be unforgiving and can look very hard on some blondes, making them look older. And then, as you can see below, some blondes wear black beautifully next to their face. It's all a matter of your taste anyway and blonde goes with everything. We found blondes who rocked every color cowboy hats so you decide. There really is no hard and fast rule about color. 

Blonde in Espresso cowboy hat for girls   Blonde in a Kenny cowboy hat   Blonde in a Rita cowboy hat for girls   western hat stores near me   Blonde girl in a Whiskey Bent   Blondes can wear black cowboy hats    


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