Why Buy a Palm Leaf Cowboy Hat?


All palm hats start with a natural palm leaf, woven into strips by hand. It can take up to 30 days to weave enough strands to become a hat body
                                       Palm straw waiting to be woven
A palm leaf cowboy hat is worth the wait. Palm will naturally wick heat and sweat away from your head and dissipate it through the top of the hat, allowing it to keep you cooler than any other material. Palm hats are incredibly durable and hold their shape in almost all conditions. They can get wet without falling apart so they are the perfect choice for boating, poolside or at an outdoor festival. In fact palm likes to be wet now and then. You can spray it down to clean the dust off. The weave is tight, providing 100% UV protection. And they lend themselves to an amazing array of styles and colors.
While palm straw cannot be painted because of the natural oils in the straw, it can be printed like the American Ride flag hats. Check them out in our Patriot and Straw collections of western hats. Palm hats are appropriate for men and women of all ages. 

American flag on a palm cowboy hat at Gone Country     Toby Pike in American Ride, palm straw coboy hat from Gone Country Hats. Cowboy Hats.             Palm leaf western hats at Gone Country
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