Yikes! Rain and 60mph winds are not good for our store.

There are a lot of fun aspects to being a country music hat vendor. But occasionally, not so much. This was our store before and after the storm popped up. The rubber mat on the ground is where Judy stood, as cashier, right behind that white lattice. The storm came up so fast, that's where we were standing when the front of the tent started blowing in. There were 4 people in the tent when the middle racks toppled and the tarp parachuted, flipped upside down and moved to the middle of the street to crumple on top of a vehicle. To add insult to injury, it poured buckets for an hour causing all the hats and apparel that fell to be waterlogged and smushed in the muck. Friends and family rallied around to gather things scattered around the festival ground. The police kept bringing us stacks of hats they recovered from 3-4 blocks away. The Sanford firefighters who offered to help were champs. They deconstructed the tent so that nobody got hurt in the process. Amazingly, nobody was injured.

This is how it's supposed to look.
    Gone Country festival tent    Keith and Chuck wear the same cowboy hat shaped differently.

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 And then...this stuff was inside the tent until the tent wasn't there.

Gone Country Hats store after the storm hit. 


Gone Country store pushed back into the street     Sanford, FL fire department helping after the storm    

 Gone Country hats are water resistant, but we don't recommend this.

 Soggy hats at Gone Country after the storm     Trashed tank tops in the Gone Country booth   

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