Carter Lybrand

From the backwoods of South Carolina, Carter Lybrand grew up picking a guitar. His late grandparents had a local family band called “The Country Drifters”, and they would share their experiences with him when he was young. Watching the opry was a large portion of their time spent together, and it gave him the drive to become a professional musician. There is no doubt about the fact that country music runs in his blood.

After graduating high school Carter enlisted in the Army National Guard. He completed his training in 2010 and later deployed overseas in 2011. With a rifle by his side, and a guitar on his back he was the spotlight for entertainment. His comrades knew there was something special about his music, and encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Carter returned home safely and started to focus on songwriting.

After working countless hours on a sales floor, Carter just felt like something was missing. His love for music was something he could no longer avoid. With the support of his family he made the decision to quit working and become a full time artist. If you ask him, its the best decision he has ever made. Carter hopes to be a beacon to others to follow their dreams and do what is loved most in life.
Since walking away from a so called “regular life”, Carter has had the opportunity to open for country legend John Anderson, and has also played a show with Tucker Beathard on the Monster Energy outbreak tour. He will also have some new music coming to all streaming platforms in the very near future.




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