Multitalented Anthony Holmes performs under the stage name of “DULAA".  He grew up in Memphis, Tennessee but moved around living in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Houston, Tx and Collin, Ms.  In his younger days he spent summers on the road trucking with his Dad.  That’s where he believes his country swagger originated.

DULAA has created a new and unique style, infusing country, blues and hip-hop.  He has dubbed this new style of music “CRUNKTRY”.  This new country style shines in his 2014 self-produces release “To Have A Heart”.  The tracks convey a positive and uplifting message throughout the CD.

DULAA currently has a new album out entitled “Brang it Home”.  It features new hit singles such as “Tennessee Queen” and “Jack & Coke”that highlights his youthful country swagger, but believe us, there’s more.   

Because he is multitalented, DULAA has produced and featured on award winning songs such as 3UP 1DOWN and Break Out The Big Guns, which has become the official Racking Horse theme song with Nitty Gritty.  This song is currently getting national air play and charting all across the country.  DULAA was also the Director of the music video for the song 3UP 1DOWN which won the Indie video of the year in 2017.  He was featured and produced the song “Big Guns” 2020 Release the next single from Nitty Gritty that is sure to catch fire and will be the theme song for the largest horse show in the South.  He has also teamed up with Memphis singer-songwriter Nancy Apple to write and produce their 2015 EP titled “Big Country”. DULAA has written several theme songs for TV, film and radio.

Throughout his music career, DULAA has opened shows for notable artists. He has performed on the famous Beale St. in Memphis, Tn., at the Emissaries of Memphis and the 2015 Memphis in May International Barbecue Championship to name a few.

He is poised in the saddle, ready to ride all over the country to entertain with his unique style of music that it catching on in the country scene like wildfire.

Dulaa is Currently Working on his 2021 Album entitled “BLOODLINE”








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