Jeff Givens

Singer/Songwriter Jeff Givens is a road-seasoned troubadour. A musical gypsy, Jeff travels the country, meeting folks from every aspect of life and listening to their stories. He lives this life, documenting it all in his songs. Somehow, writing through the haze of self-destruction like his heroes before him, (Kerouac, Burroughs, Lennon, Hank, Townes and others) he has prevailed and come out the other side, battling his demons by writing about them. Born in Tennessee and raised in Chicago, Mr. Givens is a music veteran of over 40 years and has played in many bands, from Chicago to Boston to London.

Working with Jay Bennett from Wilco was one of his many experiences. Back in 2001, Jeff went all-in; he left his day gig and everything else, to fully embrace this musical journey. Tramping around America, like a prince of skid row, he continues to write songs that define his life. .









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