Joe Campbell

I grew up in the sixties, listening to all of the big name country stars like Jones and Twitty and of course Cash and Jennings just to name a few. I got my first guitar when i was 6yrs old and i was hooked. Over the years i taught myself to play the stuff i liked and eventually ended up playing various types of music but never far from my country roots. I've played with lots of great people over the years that taught me a lot about myself as well as about music. In 1986 i joined BMI Nashville as a song writer with a song titled Headed for a Fall. I currently do solo shows and with our band Double Shot. Music has and always will be my biggest love next to my family. My wife Cheryl and I have been married 37 years and she has been my rock through it all. Music has been my saving grace through some pretty rough times and i think it truly has healing powers.






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