KC Hughes

KC Hughes is an American singer/songwriter from South Dakota. 

KC has been writing his own music for about 5 years now and he has been playing music live for about 8 years now.  His first band was called The Bad River Boys which ended up breaking apart after about 2 years leading KC down the path as a solo artists.  


His first release was "Too Late Now" released in 2018 with his new band, The Wayward Traveler's, followed by his most recent release "Memories" at the end of 2020.  

KC and his current band have all been together for 3 years now and everyone in the band contributes to the sound that they have today.  Currently they tour around their home state, although KC has toured solo into the neighboring states as well.

KC grew up listening to classic country music with his dad listening to the likes of George Jones and Buck Owen's and to classic rock with his mom listening to the likes of Queen and Michael Jackson which he takes from both those genre's in his songwriting leaning more heavily towards traditional country music in the delivery of his songs.  Most all of his writing comes from everyday experiences.

KC is always writing new music and can be expected to come out with more music in the future.  He can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram if you'd like to keep track of new music and where you might be able to find him next!







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