Last Train to Juarez

Last Train to Juarez hails out of Phoenix Arizona.  Formed and fronted by Dejan Knezevic in late 2018, L.T.T.J. has created a unique sound which can be attributed to the diverse backgrounds of it's players.  Prior to forming the band, Dejan spent 30yrs playing in the Phoenix area metal scene.  While writing acoustic music was always something he enjoyed, it wasn't until 2018 that he threw his hat in and decided to give country music a serious shot.  After a couple years of a revolving door of musicians, they seem to have the perfect lineup of players now and are ready to hit the road soon.  With Chief on bass guitar, Dylan Kidner on Drums, Mark Tomeo on steel backing Dejan's vocals and acoustic guitar, the band creates a raw traditional sound that captures the spirit of real country music.

Many say that L.T.T.J. has a sound that finds a home in the red dirt country genre.  Though I wouldn't say that all their music fits neatly in any specific place.  The songs capture a true grit feel while their lyrics reflect real life subject matter.  

The band is primarily focused on original music but you'll hear them play cover songs by artists like Hank Jr., Cody Jinks, Jamey Johnson, Ward Davis, Josh Morningstar, Hank III, Merle Haggard, Alex Williams and more.  No top 40 pop country with a twang from these guys!  With three of the players in L.T.T.J. also being active in a local Motorcycle Club, they embrace the outlaw lifestyle not only with their music but also in the way they live.  







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