Lecretia Ann

Lecretia was raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She grew up as a preachers daughter and was engulfed in old hymns. Her father taught her and her siblings how to play multiple instruments and sing. Since Lecretia was 2 she was up singing in church. When Lecretia was in her teens she was turned on to country music by her mom. She fell in love with Dolly, Tammy, and Patsy . When Lecretia sings she shares her soul and you can feel it.

The soulful sound of Lecretia Ann backed by a talented array of professional musicians always deliver a sound of pure country with a flair of southern rock. From Lecretia’s original compositions to covers this group is sure to delight.
Lecretia Ann is the true meaning of a Country girl! She has charm as well as talent, with a southern accent that’s as thick as a bowl of grits! Lecretia Ann is country as cornbread with a splash of jalapeño.




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