My head is really small. Do I have to choose a kid's hat?

My head is so small. I've always chosen a kid's hat. Is that my only option?

Absolutely not. We have many hats for women and men that fit smaller heads. You can filter Smaller Hats on the Men's or Women's Cowboy Hat pages. But remember that a hat needs to be in proportion to your face and body, so sometimes even if it fits your head, it may not be appropriate for your stature. Please be assured, WE WANT TO HELP YOU FIND THE RIGHT HAT.  Text a photo of yourself to 407-616-4921 so we can see the size and shape of your head and width of your shoulders. We'll make a hat recommendation. We can also size it before we ship it and/or you can make it smaller once you get it. There are very few people who can't wear one of our Gone Country cowboy hat styles. Just make sure we can get back in touch with you to talk about options.

If you do get a hat that is too big, here is how you size it to fit better.

Hat Sizing chart