Sonny Thurnall

Born in Danville Indiana in 1962 and ever since kindergarten I wanted to be a musician so I started singing for my kindergarten class. after graduation I started working with Johnny paycheck and the Roadhouse band. I was one of his backup drummers. I got away from my music for a while. And raised my family. Five years ago I started a whole new journey after a heart attack I had. And I thought life was over at that point. I won a contest Indianapolis. Out of 127 contestants I came in first place. I had 12 sold out concerts across the state. after it was over I got a call from a producer in nashville. Gary sadker with magenta record labels. Long story short. I went to Nashville I recorded my first song called if It Ain't Country.

That was in 2015. Since then I have one album and one EP. My album was called hell to pay and had eight songs on it. Four of them made it into the top 20 in the UK hotdisc charts. Since I started I now have six international hits. And two of them have received Platinum Awards for live streaming. I have been playing on tour for The Last 5 years from Texas to Detroit. From Cleveland to Tampa Bay and so many big towns and small towns in between I cannot even remember all of them. All in five years. We are working in the studio now for a new five song EP. We will be releasing them on Nashville's play MPE and reporting radio stations for Music Row breakout charts.






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