What if a cowboy hat gets wet?

How wet are we talkin' here? All Gone Country palm straw hats can get wet. They will soften, but when they dry they will be good as new. It's easy to re-shape the brim, but don't let the crown get crushed.

The Backroads and Kenny palm hats can go for a float.

If the brim gets out of shape in the process of getting wet, re-shape it and make sure it is very dry before you store it so it won't mildew. And don't set it on a flat surface to dry. See How to store your cowboy hat. If you need a hat that can stay wet for long periods of time, go for our absolutely waterproof Smokin Black hat. The Backroads and the Kenny are good river hats. They will withstand a float down the river as long as they don't sink and get lost. 

Wool felt hats will be okay if they get wet, but not soaked. Same with our nante and faux felt cowboy hats. They shed rain, but don't swim in them or wear them when you know it's going to be stormy. You don't want to soak them..