What makes a cowboy hat right for a man or woman?

Traditional cowboy hats, also called structured hats are always appropriate for either guys or girls. Fashion hats are unisex in structure too but often have more color or fancier trim which may make them appeal more to a man or woman. The key is to be sure the size and shape of the brim match the width of your eyes and shoulders and the shape of your face. These are actual Gone Country customers in the hats they bought at our events.             

This hat is Brad - a unisex Gone Country Hat          How handsome is this guy in the Brad hat?  Another unisex Gone Country hat.
Doesn't she look pretty in the Kenny, a unisex Gone Country hat.       We're in love with this guy's smile in his Kenny - a unisex Gone Country hat.

Often men and women can wear the same hat

See for yourself how well men and women can wear the same hat. If you need help figuring out what cowboy hat will be good for you, snap a selfie and email it to us. We can make a recommendation based on your stature and face shape. Or look at our Men's store and Women's store.  We have put the hats there that we think work well for guys or girls.