Best color cowboy hat for blondes?

The question was this:  "I am blonde and I don't know whether I should buy a tan cowboy hat, a brown one or a black one.  Which looks best?" 

We say buy all three! 

But in the interest of giving honest advice, we looked through all the pictures we have taken of Gone Country Hats customers over the last few years and here's what we found. A majority of blondes bought a tan hat with a hint of yellow in it. Next in popularity was a dark brown, and black was last by far. We don't really know why. It's true that black can look kind of hard on some blondes, but it also might just be that we don't have a lot of black hats for women. It's all a matter of taste anyway and blonde goes with everything. We found blondes who rocked every color cowboy hats so you decide. 

      Golden tan hat on a blonde      Blondes look good in golden/natural colored cowboy hats      Dark brown looks good on blondes      Occasionally blondes wear black like the George Strait style